How Luminary Began 

Two Literature professors decided that they wanted to build their ideal tool to teach with and that's how they became app builders. Luminary's framework design comes from a love of reading, teaching, media change, and book history. Each component from the commentaries to the social notes to the glosses has been specifically created to provide rich engagement with texts we're passionate about. 


Believe it better than reportingly.

(but Just in case, here are some reports) 


Our Team 

Katherine Rowe
Co-Founder + CEO 


Elliott Visconsi
Co-Founder +
President of the Board

Peter Gillin 
Chief Business Officer

Jen Rajchel.jpg

Jen Rajchel
Chief Product Officer




Copyrights and Trademarks

Our experts retain copyright on their commentaries unless otherwise noted. All other content (including audio tracks and captions, descriptive prose and scholarly apparatus, glossary notes, visual design, editorial changes to the primary text) as well as design features are copyrighted (or trademarked as noted) by Luminary Digital Media LLC, 2012.

Patents Pending